Yoga Sound Session

You are all invited to participate in the next Yoga Sound Sesions at Birdmilk Studio / Holzmarkt 25.
From the

16th August till the 14th September

we do daily Yoga classes.

Monday to Friday at 08.00pm.

The classes will be around 1 hour and a half and we will enjoy of Pranayamas ( diferent kinds of breathings) , Yoga routine of 45 minutes and at the end guided meditation with live-music.

We guide you into a sound trip with your body, mind and soul. A trip to your inside, to love and accept our light and darkness, and to remind that we are all one and we are here to enjoy and evolve together.

Lets heal with music.
Lets give to our selfs a present and a hug.
Lots of love.
Sorry. Forgive me. Thank you. I love you.