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Donnerstag 26/04 21:0023:00

Jack Ponissi – Live album recording


Some composers write because they need material, others write because the material is calling to be written.

Jack Ponissi has been playing Hammond Organ and general keyboards professionally for the past few years and, from time to time, he feels the urge to write a song. This resulted in a varied repertoire of very personal compositions, each one special in its own way, each one written not as a commercial hit, but to communicate emotion.

Growing up in a jazz setting to end up playing in rock bands and listening to somewhat unusual music led to several peculiar influences that show up in Jack’s compositions, ranging from the mystique of Procol Harum to the lyrical poignancy of Fabrizio De André, from the melodicism of jazz standards to the riffing of hard rock.

Today, Jack will present himself as singer-songwriter, bringing a good part of his repertoire on stage for the first time at Culture Container.

Take part in this historical live recording session and be among the first to discover a brave new world of unique magic.

A few words taken here and there!

Everybody knows that I love to share
Early mornings, nights, waiting for the sun,
Eerybody knows that I use to stay awake until sunrise
‚til the morning star came, casting light into the sky


On one day I heard a story
from some man of sorrow
about the way to spend a living
escaping from the day

All my life has been the story
of a man of tomorrow
Cause I live my ways of giving
up giants with feet of clay


We looked up on to the sun
whilst we made our final run,
we spun cobwebs on our heirs,
we looked up on to the flares.
And those times of innocence,
long ago, they had their sense,
in our mind so far away,
were just only yesterday.
Parted far, straight through the night,
in our heart we kept our light,
but those years were mostly gone,
sea now washing through the stone.


Since we had found then the gate
as our fate had slipped away
we found out we could not leave.
We all knew it was not too late
as our fear was kept at bay
of our dream was still the eve


Hear it all and more on 26.04 at Culture Container!

A couple of previously recorded songs: