Alt4r: Life Rituals

End: 12:00
Entry: 25 Euros


Alt4r is, based on the heritage of the American continent, a new sense of musical and artistic ritual, needed on this side of the world.
It’s more than a party, it’s recognition, awareness, joy and decolonization. Let’s create a movement.
Set our mind and body free, work the beat, time to pray.



-Son Rompe Pera

Originally performing alongside their father at local events since they were kids, Son Rompe Pera now find themselves at the forefront of the contemporary international cumbia scene with their sonic explorations of the classic marimba. Their unique blend of sounds comes as the result of a typical youthful rebellion, when as teenagers they left behind their marimba upbringing and began to play in various punk and psychobilly bands. Now they´ve come full circle, incorporating the marimba together with their rock influences, giving it a new twist never before seen.

Their live shows are a sweaty mess of dancing fans, and this garage-cumbia-marimba punk band never disappoints on stage.


- Ali Gua Gua

Ali "Gua Gua" (Veracruz, 1974) is a Mexican singer, songwriter, producer, drummer and guitarist. She has performed in various genres such as rock, punk, hip-hop and cumbia. She is known as the guitarist of the Mexican band Las Ultrasónicas. She has just released a new album "Menospausa".


- Hector Guerra

Bolivian by birth , raised in Spain , citizen of the world. He is an exciting mix of urban styles like trap, dancehall and electro, seasoned with roots music like cumbia, Balkan, Andean. By living in three Mexican ethnic groups –Purepechas, Wirrarikas and Comcaac's– he increased his creative and sensitive frequency. He is a musician with an original project of songs that turn each show into a musical bomb.