VACIO @ Säälchen

VACIO is contemporary circus show with live music and visual art projections.
Vacio, meaning »void«, is a slumberous world in which everything coalesces. The void is a space of rupture and disunion.

The world, created by Cia Omkara, is the void in which technology keeps us distracted from a true connection to the natural. And on the contrary, the place of earth and sensuality, dream and birth.

The show speaks of our approach and of our connection with each other and with the planet; Of how to nurture an organic sensibility in a digital
world. It asks ourselves how, little by little, we can make where and how we exist, a different space.


✺ Shows ➤ 21. & 22. January
✺ DOORS ➤ 7.30 p.m
✺ LOCATION ➤ Säälchen, Holzmarkt 25