IDIOM secret showing

So obviously it is not a secret because I put it on Facebook but it is very, VERY limited seating for this showing!
If you missed IDIOM in February or really wanted to see it again PLEASE RSVP with us!
Requests for seating can be sent to James Kingsford-Smith or Eva Drohner

For those who don't know about the show...
If a robot could empathise better than a human, what is so special about being us?
In a time after reliance on technology has devastated the Earth, a curious human and a sentient android attempt to escape a society that solely worships human connection and demonises artificial intelligence.
Together they question the algorithms of life.
This is an acrobatic sci-fi theatre piece about empathy, artificial intelligence, and the very things that make us human.

There will be a donation at the door for those who would like to come starting at 10EUR. We have done this creation with no funding this time so it would be lovely if you could show your care!

We very much hope to see you there and showing you this brave new research into the world of AI science translation and acrobatic theatre!