Mayowa’s World KWEEN KONG Stand-Up Special

"It’s here, the moment we’ve all been waiting for…
One Woman, One Stage and a room full of laughter, get ready for Mayowa’s World KWEEN KONG Stand-Up Special! 

Bringing you the best comedy has to offer, Mayowa will be delivering an immersive, high energy one woman show on November 23rd in Berlin.

This performance covers racism, sexual assault and reclaiming ownership over ones body and soul. Being a black woman in Berlin has led to a rude awakening, Mayowa has become to big, too bold and too fierce for this city to handle. 

Mayowa will be utilizing interactive technology that will take you on an emotional journey that blurs the lines between horror and joy, digital and reality.

Following from her hit production ISSA Comedy Show, you can expect inclusivity and incredibly supportive community presence. 

Get ready for a dance party, costume contest, and dancing.

This will be a show for the history books, don’t miss it."