NOIR: Night Market

You know the city. The kind that never loved you back. The kind you could own if you play the game right: make a deal, commit a crime, solve a case, tell a lie. NOIR: Night Market  is a thematic and performative market space with secrets to exploit and suspicions to investigate. Cheat your way through a labyrinth of trench coat dealers and anonymous phone calls, but be discreet. You’re likely being followed. At the Night Market, everything has a price and every shady exchange brings you closer to the things you look for in secret. You’ll find sultry live music, curated art exhibitions, back-alley tattoos, femme fatale variety performances, and moonlit beats pulsating deep into morning.


Come dressed to impress: queer in the 1940s, them-fatale, classic Hollywood glamour/trash.

See this mood board for inspiration:…

20:00-01:00 Open Market with live music
01:00-05:30 Party with live performances

This is a fundraising event. 100% of proceeds goes to Berlin to Borders.

DJ Sets
Kotoe, J:ORDS, Mark Gill, SENERGI, Human Margareeta, Frau Doktor, Ansonica

Live music:
R-ROO, Konchord, Rosa of Tutu Amuse, Lover Buffet, Jon Whitten, She Is a Riot + Pietro, George Adje, Ned, V ï k a

Vasi (Roots-and-Wings), Gabriel A. Secas, Ink Hurst, Acalmite, Maia (Tough N’ Tender), Fede Borgia (Fuer Immer Tattoo)

Christian Guhl, Will Grob, Alina Mann, Cory Seyler, Michaela Haider, Christian Guhl. Lennart Grau

Daniela del Mar, Niklas Bothe, Bishop Black, Eva Clumsy, Liliana Velasquez

Con Artists:
Riley Davidson, Sabina Moe, Dani Mo, Scarlett Flamingo, Ben Whippel, Doktor Bitchkraft, Madison Weinhoff, Ash, Jon Wool, Pauly Poncho, DonDan Dolphin, Patzi Patzi, Marcela Donato, Marcela Donato


Datum: 4 Nov
Beginn: 20:00
Ende: 06:00
Eintritt: 15-20 eur