NOIR Night Market Presents: The Prohibition of Lust

Datum: 23 & 24 Feb

Einlass: 19:00 Uhr
Beginn: 20:00 Uhr
Ende: FR: 04:00 Uhr & SA: 06:00 Uhr

Eintritt: 20 euro limited presale


NOIR Night Market Presents: The Prohibition of Lust

You know the city. The kind that never loved you back. The kind you could own if you play the game right: have a smoke. make a deal. tell a lie.

NOIR Night Market is a unique nightlife concept that brings elements of theater, interactive gameplay, live music, DJ sets, tattoos and cabaret into one cinematic, film-noir stylized/themed party. The Night Market returns, but this time premiering integrated scenes from the original play that inspired it all, The Prohibition of Lust.

Guests are invited to hustle the unforgiving streets of Striker City, while several interwoven stories unfold throughout a labyrinth of motels, speakeasies and brothels. The story is centered around an illegal drug called Lust, a drug that dominates the underground market, drives political campaigns and gives its users a taste of their strongest desire. How deep the story goes depends on how engaged you want to be, how clever you are at the crimes you commit and deals you make with the city’s night workers, private investigators and crooked cops. If you want to thrive in this city, come prepared to manipulate friends and charm strangers. Just be discreet. You’re likely being followed.

Around every corner you’ll find sultry live music, suspicious theater scenes, back-alley tattoos, big band accompaniment, femme fatale cabaret performances, and noir-influenced sets until morning.

The prohibition goes live Feb 23 & 24 at 19:00
Säälchen, Holzmarkt 25. Berlin

NOIR: Night Market started as, and continues to be an event to fundraise for humanitarian and cultural projects we believe in. 100% of our proceeds will be divided among the following:

1) The CADUS medical response mission to Gaza, departing Feb.
2) A rescue campaign to evacuate the family of a Palestinian-born Berlin resident.
3) Production funds for Autumn 2024 premiere of the original play The Prohibition of Lust (the complete story)

DJ Sets (01:00 - 04:00)
El Nino Diablo (Lunchbox Candy)
Chris Voolstra
Lennart von Leeuwen

Live Music (20:30 - 01:00)
Ortansia Rhastoni
Andie Sounds

Performances by
Bishop Black
Jade Lee
Nancy Nutter
Gutter Gucci

Scenes from Prohibition of Lust (21:00 - 01:00)
Jon Whitten
Marco Litta
Ben Wippel
Gutter Gucci
Megan Brailey

Interactive City (21:00 - 01:00)
John Wool
Buba Sababa
Phoenix Rose
Madison Weinhoffer
Zazie Elyne
Effie Dennis
Kaya Zakrzewska

**This event is a queer and inclusive space that invites all forms of self expression. Sexism, racism, colourism, homophobia, biphobia, interphobia and transphobia or hostility, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, fascism, age discrimination, ableism as well as other and/or intersectional forms of discrimination will not be tolerated in any form.

In addition, this event does not tolerate any acts of violence, abuse or harassment of any verbal, physical, sexual or other kind towards volunteers, staff, and guests