Parallel Portal



Installation open daily from Dec. 13-23
Live performances on Dec. 16-18, 22-23

"Parallel Portal" is an immersive arts playground which transports you into an array of extraterrestrial sanctuaries, celestial relics, surreal happenings, and full-sensory spaces where phantasies can thrive amidst a city of endless distraction.

Come December, a rare display of cosmic conditions will reveal a tear in the fabric of our Everyday Dimension… This rupture offers a window to the Kaleidoscopic Dimension, where YOU are given a unique chance to experience the Infinite Layers of Being. Allow your inner self to be unleashed, shot through a prism, and blended together into a diffraction of a million particles.

Enter this surreal multiverse and immerse yourself in elaborate set design, interactive installations, and 3D soundscapes, which are all brought to life at special moments through live performance of the creatures living inside.

Visitors are encouraged to actively participate and interact with the installations and performers at their own pace, usually lasting around one-hour.

An alchemical bar serving alcohol and non-alcoholic potions will be open during the experience.
Experience ends at 10pm everyday, but the bar will remain open to guests until later.

Enter the Portal and step into the strangest corners of existence.
It’s a new dawn and the deities have landed. Are you ready?

Tickets for this experience will be extremely limited. Follow the ticket link to book your time slot now!

“Parallel Portal” is an immersive art and theater exhibition produced by PHANTAZONiA,
including over 20 local artists and creatives. More here: