Rope artists international III

Felix Ruckert presents: rope artists international III

The art of rope bondage, interpreted by some of the most innovative performers in the international scene!
Felix Ruckert brings some of the most innovative performers from the international scene together on stage, to revive the presence of rope on stage.

There will be new concepts and interpretation of rope for you. Join this unique experience of contemporary rope art! Our artists have background in circus and dance, and we pair each couple with an expert of perfomance art.

On Thursday and on Friday evening the stage belongs those incredible artists to entertain you with new ideas combined with their passion for rope!
During the Performances we also offer a Jam where you have playpossibilities for your ropescenes.

The Event is happening at the same time like: EURIX is held so you also have the chance to meet ropepeople from all around the world at those evenings and at the Jam!

After the big performances we open the lower level as well for the Jam. You are invited to spend ropetime and to get inspired and insipire. Some of our most innovative Riggers will perform in a natural environment during the Jam part. We invite you to join the intimate scenes of our community!

Boris Mosafir & Human Chuo (St. Petersburg/ Paris)

Boris Mosafir & Denjamy Djovanny (St. Petersburg)

Alex Mino & Rosalie Lello Lii (Marseille/ Berlin) with Stefano Taiuti

FrlLilly& Seilartig (Berlin) with -sunstrider

and surprise guests….

15€ Performance & Jam / per evening at the door (Participants of Eurix get free entry / Members of Schwelle7 --> 10€)
There is no dresscode for the event, but we love if you dress-up for this special evening!