Bu Kolthoum (live)

February 27, Bu Kolthoum - بو كلثوم in a live concert, alongside Makimakkuk ماكي مكوك and Shins-k.

"Bu Kulthoum" The name derived from combining the names of world-renowned Egyptian singer Um Kulthoum and legendary pre-Islamic Arab warrior and poet Amr Bin Kulthoum. A rapper, a music producer and a film director from Syria, Mounir Bu Kolthoum has been revolutionizing political rap in the Middle East. Currently residing in Amsterdam, Bu Kulthoum is considered one of the most important hip-hop & soul acts from the Arab region.

In 2019 he released two music videos 'Jouwana' and 'Walle' both got over 1 million views and rated as one of the music highlights of 2019 in the Middle East.

Bu Kolthoum - Wallé

Bu Kolthoum - Jouwana


One of the stars of the Palestinian underground music scene, the MC and producer Makimakkuk live at YAAM for the first time in Berlin.

Makimakkuk Live Set ft. Mukta-feen | Boiler Room Palestine

From Japan, the Berlin-based artist and Arabic hip-hop expert Shins-k will be opening this night to prepare the stage for our stars.

Shins-K | Boiler Room