Fête de la Musique | Holzmarkt Open Air

🎶☀️ Fête de la Musique ☀️🎶

Wir feiern das Fest der Musik, wie jedes Jahr am 21. Juni zur Sommersonnenwende - umsonst und draußen!

16:00 - 22:00 Uhr


🎼 Sandra aka La Flaca Dj Set

🎼 Make A Move live
Make A Move plays energetic dance music. Brass funk rap deluxe from Berlin.
🎼 Yubo live
Yubo is a Berlin based Artsrock/Postrock/Electronica project, capable of spheric instrumentals as well as epic songs. live
🎼 La Boum Fatale live
Berlin/Hamburg-based La Boum Fatale built up fragile worlds somewhere between melancholy and euphoria. He combines Electronica, House, Garage and Dubstep to sophisticated arrangements, accompanied by vocals and field recordings. His sounds create a deep and dense atmosphere.
🎼 She Knows live
She Knows is a Spanish-Brasilian duo with an unmistakable sound: a mix of 90's Pop and modern Dance music. Their credo - to take time for the beautiful things in life, in order to experience these on a deeper level - are mirrored in their music. Knowing this, it is not surprising, that the sound of She Knows, with its 10 bpm less than usual, noticeably sets itself apart from the usual club music.

😻 Ab 22:00 Uhr geht´s weiter im KaterBlau