James Vincent McMorrow

James Vincent McMorrow pens the kind of songs that make you want to partake in life. As if radiating energy straight from the heart, the Irish singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and troubadour’s smooth high register rings out as emotion spills over organic soundscapes accented by elements of folk, indie, and rock. His fingers pluck guitar strings with intention as his vocals stir even the most intimate emotions to the surface.
This spirit surges through his upcoming record and Nettwerk Music Group debut, “Wide Open, Horses”.
“To me, the album is about finding relief from the cycle of life’s pressure,” he states. “I don’t think the theory ‘modernity equals better’ holds much water these days. The more technology we add, the more unhappy everyone seems to be. I don’t want to move backwards, but I felt a sense of nostalgia and happiness in the album. It would be grandiose of me to think I could offer you some profound release through words and lyrics, but maybe I can…The job is to make a record I love and hopefully offer a respite. Maybe we can all get back to a life where we aren’t so obsessed with trying to seek out meaning from absolutely everything.”