JOSTKA/Unleashed Holzmarkt25  By Svalbard company 

What power does an audience have to shape/change what they see on stage? 
Alexis Akrovatakis
 Tests this role play between artist and audience, while putting his body on the line and directly into the hands of the observer .

This performance is both a reaction to the oppression of toxic masculinity and a live excavation of the human soul. 
Live catharsis is a form that allows purity to be expressed and received . 

              What will you see in your reflection?

Live Solo Performance Art (adult audience)
1hour in length
Tuesday December 17th 2019
Doors open: 20:20 
Location: Artistenhalle am Holzmarkt25 (Tall black and white building with a big yellow window)
Entrance : 8,00 Euros Cash Donation

Warriors Ultracolaborators credited below :

DogHead (Robert Moon Smith) – Music
Gak - Soundscape 
Niklas Niki Blomberg - soundscape 
Deadbeat - Cinematography 
Vika Eksta - Photography
Vava Valeriia – Exterior Eye  
Thea Hope – Creative Producer 
 Sophia Lara - Light Technic 

Supported by Riga Cirkus Recidency - Nordic Culture Point.