Los Wembler's de Iquitos

Los Wembler's de Iquitos & New Live Show of Dengue Dengue Dengue

Hey Berlin,

We promised you a special night and here it is : one dance with the most legendary cumbia band of Peru !
We won't do one thousand party in the summer and this is the most special for us as we are bringing Los Wembler's from Peru to show what is really cumbia !

First the concert :

LOS WEMBLER'S de Iquitos (Peru)

If you listen to the first notes of a few of their track, you will need no more explanation ! This legendary band from Iquitos founded the Cumbia Chicha, a 1970’s psychedelic cocktail. The five brothers conquered the quarters of Lima, and soon became the soundtrack of a generation in Latin America. Recently rediscovered, they are now an inspiration for many musician and producers.
listen to 3 new songs from the next album "Vision del Ayahuasca" : https://soundcloud.com/derapageprod/sets/los-wemblers-vision-del

And then the after party :

🌶🌶 New Live show of Dengue Dengue Dengue Feat Afroperuvian Drums

<Dengue> means something like <The desire to celebrate>. The two artists Rafael Pereira and Felipe Salmon make sure they turn into a real boiler house of movement. The swirling legacy of Cumbias in the 60s and 70s mingles in their music with sounds from every corner of the globe, creating a global language whose vocabulary is as well understood in Berlin as it is in the vibrant streets of Lima. We could only think of them to continue the night after the legendary Wembler's. For this special night they don't come alone, and will present a special show with afroperuvian drums.

More Specials Guests From Nomade Friends to continue the night 🌪🍭