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Sometimes you need to look at the bigger picture in order to find clarity. In the case of British musician RHODES, it took a more fragmented style of songwriting to learn new things about himself, and to produce the most cohesive, definitive statement of him as an artist to date.

Due for release in early 2024, new album (un-finished) is an astounding collection of songs that sees the Hertfordshire-born, London-based artist turn the lens on himself. The music – swirling synths, tenderly picked guitars, stark piano and ghostly harmonies – provide the canvas upon which he paints with broad, abstract strokes. Yet they still cut deep, evoking long-buried memories of childhood, daydreams, hidden fears and insecurities.

“All of these songs were formed from conversations about life,” he explains. “I realised that the people around me, the ones I’m closest to, they all carry a weight or some kind of trauma from childhood. Talking with them provided a very cathartic and beautiful way of writing songs, as well as for processing a lot of turmoil.” He found himself remembering the records he grew up on and thinking about the safe place they offered. “We all read into lyrics in our own way, and that’s the beauty of art.”