Satori & the Band from Space

Satori and The Band from Space

After breaking onto the scene in 2015 with his In Between
Worlds album, Satori has been steadily expanding on an
impressive repertoire of music, culminating into the recently released Dreamin’Colours album. An ethereal body of work rich
in colour and texture, seamlessly blending electronic music with Satori’s Balkan heritage.

Never limiting himself to being “just a DJ”, Satori has perfected the craft of live performance. Often combining his own
productions with improvisation by incorporating traditional instruments like the guitar, keys or flute. Treating each
performance as a blank canvas is what makes Satori’s shows dynamic and eclectic, leaving fans with an everlasting taste for more.

Now Satori continues his latest endeavor where he is joined by the Band from Space to give his music a new approach and a new life.