SOLD OUT // Shkoon / Rima Album Tour

We are more than happy to announce our debut album "Rima".
Berlin was always a super important city for us and our musical inspiration. Thanks for all the support we got here.
For that reason, obviously, we want to celebrate our release with all of you - our friends and family.

Concert support:
El Mundo & ZAZOU live


In December, the German-Syrian band Shkoon will release their long-awaited debut album “Rima”, sending out a message of cultural diversity to the world. Shkoon’s concerts have attracted a diverse audience for many years, bringing together people of all religions, colors and backgrounds. Ameen (vocal) and Maher (violin) came to Germany due to the war in Syria and met Thorben (piano & production) in Hamburg by coincident. After a spontaneous jam session the project Shkoon project was born followed by years of full schedules touring around the world.

Musically, the album is situated between influences of electronic downbeat, deep house, dub and hip-hop. The band members come from a variety of different musical backgrounds and have created their very own sound with a mix of influences between the Arabic and Western world. Piano, violin, synthesizers, percussion and vocals merge with oriental melodies and western electronic beats, taking the listener on a journey that blurs the boundaries of cultures. Shkoon is more than a German-Syrian live act with Arabic lyrics. In addition to their own lyrics, the band uses traditional musical folklore elements of the Arab community, which today appear more relevant than ever.

Shkoon creates a magical vibe at their live performances and enjoy traveling with the audience through different spaces.