Gola Gianni

Datum: 16.11.2024
Einlass: 19:00
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Ende: 23:00

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Step into the sonic realm of "Through the Haze" – an electrifying journey curated by the Berlin-based duo AMELI PAUL. Brace yourselves for their Europe Tour that transcends the ordinary, hitting cities like Berlin, Istanbul, London, Paris, Cologne, Hamburg, and more!

When Ameli and Paul’s paths cross in 2016, they immediately feel the urge to fuse their approaches of making music. Those who have seen them perform live before, know about their unique combination of avant-garde electronic production techniques with neo-classical instrumentation and heart-wrenching storytelling to deliver a groundbreaking journey through sound.

The new live-show "Through the Haze" is an odyssey through the diverse landscapes of electronica. Ameli and Paul weave a mesmerizing tapestry, ranging from technoid dancefloor tracks to delicate ballads, escalations and eventually the audacious fusion of opera with electronic beats. On stage Ameli and Paul create an unparalleled energy that resonates within the clubs, guiding the audience through an emotional rollercoaster that culminates in a euphoric unity.

After supporting Monolink on his Europe tour and playing on festivals like Fusion, MS Dockville or Woomoon, Ameli Paul invite you to join an intimate gathering of music enthusiasts for a night that promises to be genuine, unique, and unforgettable.

Secure your tickets now and prepare to lose yourself in the mystique of "Through the Haze”.

Präsentiert von Byte & Rausgegangen

Datum: 06.06.2024
Einlass: 19:00
Beginn: 20:00
Ende: 1:00
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From Morocco to Palestine. From the diaspora to our homelands. Psychedelic Desert Sounds as Liberation & Empowerment

For the first time, diasporic lead singers and friends Yousra Mansour & Jamila Al-Yousef unite in a concert for female empowerment & decolonial liberation. With their bands Bab L’Bluz and Jamila & The Other Heroes they will share the stage at SÄÄLCHEN Berlin. Both bands are known for combining psychedelic progressive rock music with North African and West Asian rhythms, vocals and instruments. + Guest-DJ "TRU:L" 

Yousra & Jamila team up as an act of solidarity and empowerment. Both have released songs to end patriarchal and colonial structures and celebrate the strengths of women* and our female ancestors. After a sexual harassment incident in a backstage, Jamila had an inspiring conversation with Yousra and wrote Ya Habibi, La with her band. Including a feminist choir, the song is all about setting boundaries and speaking up for awareness structures in the Club- and Festival scene. Just recently Yousra released AmmA, a song about the injustice of having women* still doing most of the care work and being treated in a sexist manner. Yousra addresses her own precious mother and puts her anger into music that will make you dance and sweat!

This will be the first proper Berlin show of Lyon based and internationally hyped band Bab L’Bluz, that is just releasing their new album Swaken. Also Jamila & The Other Heroes join Säälchen with their latest album Bazaar Bizarre. فلسطين وين أنا؟ . Palestine where am I? - the translation of the Arabic title – refers to Jamila’s Palestinian diasporic identity. As an utmost tragedy is unfolding in front of our eyes in Gaza and attempts grow to delegitimize and silence Palestinian voices worldwide, her message is more relevant than ever. In songs like Fragments of Palestine , YABA or Border Syndrome Jamila addresses the fight against racism, occupation and the wish for liberation and equal rights for everyone who lives in the region.

As friends and fellow musicians, Yousra & Jamila, both chose music as their weapon to fight injustice in the world. We invite you to join their musical struggle for liberation and empowerment and enjoy their rich bands sounds’.


Short Bio Bab L’Bluz:
Bab L' Bluz (literally "The door of the Blues") is a Franco-Moroccan group created in 2018 in Marrakech following the meeting of the Moroccan singer/guitarist Yousra Mansour and the French guitarist / producer Brice Bottin. Passionate about Gnawa music, they decide to learn together the guembri. Armed with their electric guembris, Bab L' Bluz resonates a mixture of Gnawa trance rhythms, Hassani songs from southern Morocco and Chaâbi polyrhythms, propelling their music into the magnetic fields of psychedelic rock and volutes of incense.

Led by a woman doukkalia, the group wants to carry a revolution of attitude being part of the movement of the Moroccan youth "Nayda", a new wave of artists and committed musicians who are inspired by the local heritage and sing texts of freedom in the Moroccan-Arabic dialect, the darija. Very active since its creation, the power quartet travels the globe to distill its hypnotic riffs and spread its mystical and liberating headbanging frenzy to its audience - a true signature of the group. Poetic and powerful, Bab L' Bluz is an expanding universe, a sonic territory that transcends boundaries. In 2020, Bab L' Bluz made a stunning entrance on the music scene with the album Nayda! Mojo Top 10 world Album of the year, Songlines Best albums of 2020, The New York Times, Vogue Arabia, BBC, Le Monde, Financial Time, Pan African Music, Uncut, Radio Nova or Arte Concert...

In 2021, Bab L' Bluz won his first Songlines Music Awards and thenbegan a world tour which is still ongoing (Europe, Africa,America, Oceania)...



Short Bio Jamila & The Other Heroes:
JAMILA & THE OTHER HEROES is a Berlin based band from manywhere playing Psychedelic Desert Funk to make you fly. Leading the band is the vibrant Jamila Al- Yousef. Born in Berlin on the day the wall came down, and raised by her influential Palestinian refugee father, Jamila composes music with her Heroes to connect with transcultural audiences who can identify with the bands' diaspora narratives and their musical fight against racism.

"As people with family backgrounds in Syria, Palestine, Italy and Colombia, we travel and create home within our music." Jamila's emancipatory message in Arabic and English is supported by powerful live musicians. Let yourself be carried away by an incomparable sound of psychedelic guitar riffs (Leon Sanchez), vibrating on a warm and earthy fundament of wavy bass runs (Felix ‚Fema’ Barth), Arab percussion rhythms (Salam Alhassan) and Afrobeat, Hip Hop und Rock influenced drum beats (Pier Ciaccio). The dance floor JAMILA & THE OTHER HEROES create is a breeding ground for people to meet and practice togetherness - the musicians’ response to the exclusion mechanisms of our time. The message of the band is simple: “All of us can be Heroes! Let’s discover our super powers and make the world a better place.“


Short Bio TRU:L:
TRU:L is a Romanian Dj and promoter, behind Berlin's Smoothin Groovin dances, as well as a Refuge Worldwide regular, constantly bringing joy throughout her sets, which always feel caring and intimate. Smoothin Groovin dances aim to be an alternative, a more soulful approach on universal dancing music, focusing on bridging different, lesser-known musical directions from all around the world.

Jack Savoretti

Datum: 24.04.2024
Einlass: 19:00
Beginn: 20:00
Ende: 22:15

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Jack Savoretti ist seit über sechzehn Jahren in der Musikbranche tätig und hat in dieser Zeit sieben Alben veröffentlicht, von denen zwei die Spitze der britischen Albumcharts erreichten. Seine jüngste Veröffentlichung „Europiana“ eroberte die Herzen vieler Fans weltweit und wurde 2020 in den renommierten Abbey Road Studios aufgenommen und 2021 mit neuem Material wiederveröffentlicht.


Der Ruf von Jack Savoretti als herausragender Singer-Songwriter wird durch seine Zusammenarbeit mit internationalen Größen wie Bob Dylan, Kylie Minogue, Shania Twain und Nile Rodgers gefestigt. Er versteht es meisterhaft, seine musikalischen Wurzeln zu kanalisieren, die sowohl in den Singer-Songwritern der 60er und 70er Jahre in Kalifornien als auch in europäischen Chansonniers wie Charles Aznavour und Lucio Battisti liegen.


Aktuell arbeitet Jack Savoretti im Studio an der Fertigstellung seines achten Albums und wird 2024 auf Tournee durch Großbritannien und Europa gehen, um seine neue Musik sowie einige seiner beliebtesten Stücke live zu präsentieren.

James Vincent McMorrow

James Vincent McMorrow pens the kind of songs that make you want to partake in life. As if radiating energy straight from the heart, the Irish singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and troubadour’s smooth high register rings out as emotion spills over organic soundscapes accented by elements of folk, indie, and rock. His fingers pluck guitar strings with intention as his vocals stir even the most intimate emotions to the surface.
This spirit surges through his upcoming record and Nettwerk Music Group debut, “Wide Open, Horses”.
“To me, the album is about finding relief from the cycle of life’s pressure,” he states. “I don’t think the theory ‘modernity equals better’ holds much water these days. The more technology we add, the more unhappy everyone seems to be. I don’t want to move backwards, but I felt a sense of nostalgia and happiness in the album. It would be grandiose of me to think I could offer you some profound release through words and lyrics, but maybe I can…The job is to make a record I love and hopefully offer a respite. Maybe we can all get back to a life where we aren’t so obsessed with trying to seek out meaning from absolutely everything.”

Camerton, the iconic Mongolian boy band from the 90s, is set to ignite stages across Europe with their highly anticipated tour. Brace yourself for an experience as they deliver a powerhouse performance featuring their timeless hits. Join fans in celebrating the cultural phenomenon that is Camerton and witness firsthand the impact of their iconic 90s sound. 

Formed independently on June 24, 1995, Camerton quickly rose to prominence, securing the "Best Debut Group" accolade at the Pentatonic Award in the same year – a testament to their early success on the Mongolian music scene.

Regarded as pioneers and the most successful pop/boy band in Mongolia, Camerton achieved significant milestones with a total of ten albums and EPs released between 1996 and 2004. The band's roots trace back to their shared journey at the Mongolian Music and Dance Academy, where all four members had been classmates since the age of 6. Remarkably, the band came into existence when they were just 15 years old.

At the height of their fame, Camerton's influence extended across East Asia, particularly in Taiwan, where they exclusively launched a "best of" compilation. Notably, their track "Don't I Think About You" gained international recognition, earning a spot in the Asian All Stars' CD titled "Love is The Answer." Don't miss out!!


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Digitalism ist ein deutsches Electronica Duo, bestehend aus Jens Moelle und İsmail Tüfekçi. Nach ihrer Gründung im Jahr 2004 gewannen sie mit ihrem Debütalbum „Idealism“ und der Hitsingle „Pogo“ schnell an Popularität.

Ihre Musik zeichnet sich durch eine einzigartige Mischung aus Techno, Indie-Rock und Dance-Pop aus, die ihnen eine treue Fangemeinde auf der ganzen Welt eingebracht hat.

Im Laufe der Jahre haben Digitalism mehrere erfolgreiche Alben veröffentlicht, darunter „I Love You, Dude“ und „Mirage“. Sie haben mit Künstlern wie Daft Punk, Superorganism und Depeche Mode zusammengearbeitet und ihre Position als Pioniere in der elektronischen Musikszene gefestigt.

Ihr neuestes Album „JPEG“ und die neuesten EPs/Singles auf Running Back, Diynamic und Magnetism zeigen ihre Vielseitigkeit, die von Dark Techno bis zu Upbeat Dance-Pop reicht.

Die kraftvollen Live-Auftritte des Duos fesseln das Publikum auf der ganzen Welt, und ihre beeindruckende Liste vergangener Erfolge umfasst Headliner-Slots bei einigen der größten Festivals der Welt – wie Coachella (US), Corona Capital (MX), Summer Sonic (JP ), Tomorrowland (BE), Loveparade (DE) und Mad Cool (ES).

Mit ihrer innovativen Herangehensweise an das Genre haben Digitalism auch in 2023 nach wie vor einen signifikanten und dauerhaften Einfluss auf die elektronische Musik, während sie sich weiterentwickelt und verändert.

ZUM HOLZIGEN HUMPEN - Deftig, Ehrlich, Gut!
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Betreutes Trinken in zünftiger Gesellschaft gibts jeden Freitag ab 17:00 Uhr beim Holzigen Humpen in der Spreelunke auf unserem Marktplatz.
Der richtige Ort, um mit guten Freund*innen und Kolleg*innen den Wochensold zu liquidieren.

ZUM HOLZIGEN HUMPEN - Deftig, Ehrlich, Gut!
Raus aus der Maloche, rinn inne Spreelunke.

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Ralf & Aka La Flaca (live)


Betreutes Trinken in zünftiger Gesellschaft gibts jeden Freitag ab 17:00 Uhr beim Holzigen Humpen in der Spreelunke auf unserem Marktplatz.
Der richtige Ort, um mit guten Freund*innen und Kolleg*innen den Wochensold zu liquidieren.


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Kiefer is a central figure in the diverse independent music scene of Los Angeles. His sound fuses various modalities of Black American Music, from jazz and R&B to hip-hop and electronic music.

Kiefer grew up in San Diego, California, immersed in jazz by his father at a young age, and later experimented with hip-hop-inspired beats in high school. While studying jazz piano at UCLA, Kiefer got his education in beats from attending shows at Low End Theory and collaborating with other artists in the scene.

Hard-hitting beats, complex jazz voicings and sentimental melodies all fed into Kiefer’s debut, Kickinit Alone, released on Leaving Records in 2017. Soon after, Kiefer signed to Stones Throw and released two LPs: ‘Happysad’ (2018), and ‘When There’s Love Around’ (2021).  His new full-length record, titled ‘It’s Ok, B U’, is available everywhere now.

Outside of his solo work, Kiefer has recorded with artists such as Drake, Kaytranada, Sir, and Terrace Martin, and produced for Anderson .Paak on his Grammy Award winning record, “Ventura”.

Kiefer at his core is both emotional and an optimist, which is why his songs resonate on a wide spectrum of emotion. His ethos is about feeling encouraged, empowered, and full of gratitude, reminding listeners through his music, “this is a beautiful life.”

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